Bulldog AFX Turbo 6-ohm Can Motor

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This Bulldog HO Racing AFX Turbo 6-ohm can motor is a drop in replacement motor for the Tomy AFX Turbo and SRT HO slot car chassis. It's fitted with a standard production 6 ohm Viper armature and ceramic motor magnets.

The motor magnet design offers a "more downforce" over a standard Mabuchi style motor. The motor magnet has steps that interact with the track rails the same way as the standard Viper magnets do in a Viper V-Spec chassis. The motor brushes are "Big Foot" size for superior current flow.

This motor runs smoother, faster and aids grip to the track rails. In testing against a standard 6-ohm Mabuchi motor, it gave faster lap times.

Includes:  1 - AFX Turbo 6-ohm Can Motor.

Note:  Recommended for ages 14 to adult.

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