MRC 112500 16 Bit Universal Light Steam HO DCC Sound Decoder

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The MRC 16 Bit Universal Light Steam HO DCC Sound Decoder is a full featured DCC decoder with its small size specially designed to fit into the many tight configurations prevalent in HO scale steam locomotives. This Light steam locomotive decoder is for use with 0-4-0, 0-6-0, smaller branchline, and switcher types of steam locos. Includes a 9-pin JST wiring harness and a speaker socket for your MRC plug-in 8-Ohm speaker (sold separately).

Decoder has two bells and two whistles, along with two chuff types for articulated and non-articulated steam locomotives. Wheel arrangements not withstanding, steam locomotives fall into three types light, medium and heavy. These types are determined by the air compressor on the locomotive. Light locomotives use a single phase air compressor, medium and heavy locomotives use a cross-compound air compressor.

Equipped with adjustable back EMF, this new decoder provides fine tuning of the motor PID output frequency to ensure silent running and flexible torque output to give the locomotive better pulling power and finer speed control on uphill or downhill grades.

Features - 2 fully synchronized chuff types: articulated and non-articulated, 2 whistles, 2 bells, 16-Bit "Brilliance" sound, 16 levels of sound volume, 2 (1-127) or 4 (0-9999) digit addressing, 28 NMRA functions, adjustable back EMF, programming on the main (OPS Mode), 1.5 amp capacity, programmable 14, 28, 128 speed steps, full read back of address and CV values, advanced consisting (CV-19), advanced speed table control, directional headlights, mars light & firebox flicker and use with any DCC system or the MRC Tech 6 Sound Controller for full control of all the sounds.

Dimensions: 1.500" x 0.417" x 0.250". Specs: 1.5 amp peak.

Made by MRC and guaranteed for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

Includes:  1 - DCC mobile sound decoder, speaker wiring harness w/ plug and instructions.

Note:  This DCC sound decoder has a speaker socket for use with an MRC 8-Ohm speaker (sold separately).

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