MRC Tech 6 Sound Controller 2.0 HO Power Pack

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Ready to bring your layout to life with sound equipped locos, but not yet ready to go 100% DCC? Then look no further than the MRC's Tech 6 Sound Controller 2.0, which can switch between regular DC and DCC operation with the press of a button. This powerful 2 amp unit controls your railroad, and by simply using the pack's numbered keypad, you can unleash all of the 28 NMRA onboard sounds and lighting functions trapped in sound-equipped DCC locos.

DC railroaders are no longer limited to a simple chuff or having to flip a switch to activate bells or whistles. Tech 6 can unlock the onboard sounds and lighting functions in DCC sound-equipped locos. If you don't have a sound-equipped loco, buy a DCC sound decoder, install it in your loco and Tech 6 will deliver all of it's sounds.

Until now, the air compressor sound had only one constant sThe Tech 6 Sound Controller 2.0 is Plug & Play with any HO model train track layout including Kato UNITRACK and is an ideal upgrade for those who want the ability to run one analog DC locomotive or a DCC sound equipped locomotive. The advantage of this option is that it saves from having to convert your track to a more expensive DCC system and installing DCC decoders in all your locomotives.

This Tech 6 Sound Controller 2.0 has a built in jack for the optional 1206 Tech 6 Handheld Controller (sold separately) which will provide added mobility around your layout. You will also be able to operate up to 6 DCC decoder equipped locomotives on the same track using the optional handheld controller along with the Tech 6 Sound Controller 2.0 gives you two throttle controls for two separate operators.

Features: momentum control for all locos, mode selection button lets you operate between analog DC & any loco that's equipped with an NMRA compatible DCC decoder, can change the CV's of a DCC decoder, smooth linear motor control in either mode, easy two wire track hookup and 2 amp regulated power for HO, N, Z & other DC scales.

Output: 0-15V  Total Output: 30VA

Made by MRC and guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Includes:  1 - Tech 6 controller, AC/DC power supply and instructions.

Note:  Not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

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