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About BRS Hobbies


We are glad you are interested in BRS Hobbies. Thank you for visiting our internet store. We've been selling a wide range of hobby products since 2004, and every year we enjoy it a little bit more. A large part of that enjoyment is due to the wonderful and loyal customers that we have had the pleasure of getting to know.

Here is a little background on the owner, Brian. He grew up building and launching model rockets with his father and older brother. Some of his fondest memories are of looking through the Estes and Centuri model rocket catalogs and filling out orders. He still enjoys designing, building and flying model rockets, but while his brother's passion for rocketry led him to fly remote control planes and then real planes, Brian's passion expanded to include AFX HO and 1/32 slot cars. He enjoys collecting die cast cars, racing slot cars, racing R/C cars and flying R/C airplanes. His delight in racing has only grown stronger over the years, and now he has several race tracks set up almost all the time. He is also very excited that some of the model rocket kits and slot cars from the 1970's are becoming available again. Brian enjoys his hobbies the most when he can experience them with his friends and family. After all, that is the best part of any hobby, that it brings people together.

Here at BRS Hobbies we want nothing more than to help you enjoy your hobby as much as we enjoy ours. We are hobby enthusiasts ourselves, so we know what our customers want and the issues that can sometimes come up. We try to keep a great selection of rocket parts because we know from experience the frustration of trying to find an adequate selection of model rockets and parts locally! For this same reason, we try to have as wide of a selection of race track, slot car parts and accessories as possible and that way you can get everything you need at one store. We make it a point to listen to our customers and other hobby enthusiasts when we expand the selection at the store. We want to use our 25+ years of hands-on experience with hobbies to benefit you. We know the market, and what you pay here is always a fair price.

We are trying to build this business with knowledge, integrity and honesty. We always encourage our customers and visitors to make suggestions and requests, because we are constantly updating and adding new products to the store. This store is about helping you get the most out of your hobby.