AFX Armco Barriers (8)

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July 2022
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Armco barriers are found on and off the racetrack. Made of steel, the internal structure is designed to bend on impact and spread the energy of a collision across the length of the barrier. This prevents race cars from ricocheting onto the racetrack or flipping, decreasing the risk of injury to other racers and onlookers.

The AFX Armco barriers are a natural evolution from the classic AFX guard rails and connect seamlessly with the brand-new AFX catch fencing. Though HO scale slot cars create significantly less force or risk of damage, these Armco barriers still play an integral role in protecting your HO scale slot cars. The best part is the space added between the edge of the track and the barrier. This “wiggle room” gives your slot cars a little more room on the curves so they can corner better than ever before.

Includes:  8 - Armco barriers.

Note:  Recommended for ages 8 to adult.

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