AFX Tri-Power Pack

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  • AFX Tri-Power Pack
  • AFX Tri-Power Pack


Direct replacement power pack for all currently produced AFX race sets and is compatible with Auto World HO scale race sets. Adjust the voltage (8v,12v,22v) to suit your skill level and/or the type of cars that you are running on your track. The Tri-Power Pack is rated at 1 amp which is good for reducing or eliminating any power surges between lanes.

The three levels allow new drivers to learn the right way: one step at a time. So you can get the hang of racing without getting frustrated. And setting the level is as simple as flipping the switch on the side of the Pack. The levels work like this:

  • Beginner: Cars will stay on the track through about 90% to 100%* of the turns at full throttle.
  • Intermediate: Cars will stay on the track through about 60% to 70%* of the turns at full throttle.
  • Expert: You're on your own!

* Depending on track layout.

Includes:  1 - Tri-Power pack.

Note:  Recommended for ages 8 to adult.

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