Klingon Bird of Prey Launch

I finally had a chance to launch the Klingon Bird of Prey and see how the Qualman Baffle performs.  I used a C6-5 for the first flight since the wind was calm and I had a large field for recovery.

MPC Klingon Star Trek Bird of Prey model rocket on the launch pad

The rocket flew nice and straight and attained an altitude of over  500 feet.  The ejection charge blew out the parachute about a second after reaching apogee.  The 18" parachute deployed and the rocket descended at a slow rate and landed about 50 yards away.  After retrieving the rocket and examining the parachute, I can say that the baffle worked as advertised.  The parachute was in perfect condition with no evidence of any scorching!

Mar 10th 2019 Mike Swanson

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