Integy 540/550 Super Motor Heatsink +Cooling Fan

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Keep your temperatures in check and your motor running efficient and cool with this Integy super motor heatsink and cooling fan combo. The 1.25 inch wide motor heatsink clips right onto a 540 or 550 sized RC motor, and features a purple color anodized coating that has multiple 30x30mm fan mounting locations to fit most 1/10 RC vehicles.

The included 30x30mm cooling fan is designed to run between 5 to 6 volts DC. The easiest way to power the fan would be with an empty socket of the receiver using a JST female to servo male plug wire harness (sold separately).

For best results, be sure that the heat sink is in direct contact with the metal can of the motor. This may mean peeling away part of the motor label (if it has one).

Pro tip - Be sure to use blue threadlock on all the screws that are used to mount the brackets and the fan to the heatsink.

Includes:  1 - super motor heatsink with cooling fan and 1 - male JST plug with lead wire.

Note: This heatsink cooling fan is designed to be powered by DC voltage only between 5.0V and no more than 6.0V MAXIMUM. Please make sure that your power source (battery pack, receiver, etc.) is able to supply consistent voltage no lower than 5.0V and no higher than 6.0V. Also, it best to unplug the power to the fan when running in wet conditions.

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