KATO UNITRACK HO #4 Manual Left Turnout w/ 21 5/8R 22.5° Curve Track 2-852

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The KATO HO #4 Manual Left Turnout can easily be converted to a powered turnout by using the KATO 2-503 DC Left Turnout Machine and a KATO 24-840 Turnout Control Switch. The turnout control switch snaps to the side of the KATO Power Pack to power the electric turnout or the switch can be powered using the KATO 24-842 DC Converter which connects to a power pack with an AC accessory output with screw type terminals.

This KATO #4 manual turnout has a 21-5/8" radius that is ideal for limited space locations. The turnout is suited for both 12 volt DC (Direct Current) and DCC (Digital Command Control) train operations with power routing and non-power routing modes.

Features - compatible with all HO gauge locomotives & rolling stock, code 83 nickel silver rails with attached road bed and easy to assemble & disassemble.

  1 - complete #4 manual left turnout w/ 21 5/8"R 22.5° curve track.

  This 2-852 #4 manual left turnout can be used in place of a 2-850 #4 left turnout which has been discontinued. Recommended for ages 8 to adult.

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