Miller Engineering Citgo Animated Billboard

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HO/O scale
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The real Citgo sign created 1965, has always held a place deep in the hearts of Boston residents. During the day, the CITGO sign sits impressively on its perch in Kenmore Square. At night, its pulsing red, blue and white neon are visible for miles around. Red Sox fans can't see past left field at Fenway Park without taking in the majestic sign. Suitable for HO/O Scales, Size 3.8" Tall x 2.5" Wide.

Miller Engineering's animated signs incorporate many new design features such as improved connectors, no painting required, longer life, and stiffer laminations. All animated neon billboard signs are ready-to-run, paper-thin, produce no heat, and have realism second-to-none. Try one today and you'll be Thrilled! All signs come with a 3 AAA battery pack holder. Sign draws 180 mA of current.

Includes:  1 - animated sign and instructions.

Note:  Requires 3 - AAA batteries.


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