Qualman Rocketry Ejection Baffle for BT50

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This Qualman Rocketry BT50 ejection baffle allows you to upgrade a model rocket to be used without needing any recovery wadding! The unique four plate baffle design blocks and traps the burning particles from the ejection charge, preventing them from coming into contact with your recovery device. Also, includes a built-in Kevlar shock cord mount that is also protected from a direct hit from the ejection charge. Fits inside a BT50 size body tube.

General recommendations - a) Measure the length of the nose cone shoulder and add 4 inches to it. This total length is an approximate distance of how deep to install the ejection baffle from the end of the body tube. b) Adjust the length of the Kevlar thread so it has a 1 inch loop, that when extended, is just inside the end of the body tube. You can than attach an elastic shock cord to the Kevlar loop and replace the elastic shock cord as needed. c) After gluing the baffle in position, be sure to apply a fillet of glue around the upper baffle plate/inside body tube joint. You can use a long stick to apply the glue to the joint. d) For extra insurance, use one sheet of recovery wadding.


  • Baffle Length: 2.125"
  • Fits Inside: BT50 body tube
  • Material: Lite Ply

Includes:  1 - BT50 ejection baffle kit and assembly directions.

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