Rix Rail-it HO Scale

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  • Rix Rail-it on an HO scale train track with a freight car being positioned onto it
  • Rix Rail-it with a freight car being gently pushed onto the HO scale train track
  • Rix HO scale Rail-it on the HO scale train track after a freight car has been pushed off of it


The Rix Rail-it is a unique way to place cars and engines on the track. Just set the Rail-it down on a straight piece of track. Set the car on the Rail-it and roll down the ramp. The Rix Rail-it will place all the wheels on the track for you. When all the cars and engines are on the rails remove the Rail-it and hang-up until needed again.

Made in the USA

Includes:  1 - HO scale Rail-it.

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