Traxxas 10K Differential Oil 5135

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This Traxxas 10K differential oil kit can be used to change the limited slip action of an RC gear differential. Depending on the track conditions, altering the limited slip capability can enhance turning performance for faster exit speeds.

In general, a heavier weight differential oil (bigger number) increases forward traction but can increase wheel spin in the corners. A lighter diff oil (lower number) increases the steering but can result in less forward traction.

Here is more specific information on selecting the correct differential weight oil:

Front differential -

  • Thinner = Increase off power steering into the corners but if too thin can loose forward traction on corner exit
  • Thicker = Increase stability into corners during braking and increase steering on-power at corner exit

Center Differential -

  • Thinner = Front wheels unload more during acceleration and easier to drive on rough tracks
  • Thicker = Better acceleration, reduces front tire ballooning and better for high-bite, smooth tracks

Rear Differential -

  • Thinner = Increases cornering traction and steering into the corners
  • Thicker = Decreases rear traction while cornering and reduces wheel spin

Includes:  1 - 1.75 ounce bottle of 10K differential oil and 1 - nozzle.

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