Qualman Rocketry BT50 4 Fin Alignment Guide for 3/32 fins

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One of the most challenging aspects of building precise model rockets is to get the fins aligned correctly. This fin alignment guide from Qualman Rocketry solves this problem by precisely holding the fins against the body tube as the glue dries. This laser cut guide is sized for a BT50 body tube model rocket that has 3/32 inch thick fins that are either 90 or 180 degrees apart. Can hold up to 4 fins at once and is also designed to hold the launch lug, so all of the gluing goes quickly.

This BT50 4 fin alignment guide for 3/32 inch thick fins is compatible with many different model rocket kits including the Custom Freedom, Custom Galaxy, Custom Raven, Custom Serin and Estes Mini Honest John.


  • Fin guide slot width: 3/32"
  • Fin guide for body tube size: BT50 (0.976")
  • Material: Laser-cut rigid cardstock

Includes:  1 - BT50 4 fin alignment guide for 3/32 inch thick fins.

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