Ultimate Racing RC Differential Oil

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Ultimate Racing RC differential oil comes in a wide variety of weights to fine tune your oil filled differential for the ideal performance of your RC vehicle.

In general, a heavier weight differential oil (bigger number) increases forward traction but can increase wheel spin in the corners. A lighter diff oil (lower number) increases the steering but can result in less forward traction.

Here is more specific information on selecting the correct differential weight oil:

Front differential -

  • Thinner = Increase off power steering into the corners but if too thin can loose forward traction on corner exit
  • Thicker = Increase stability into corners during braking and increase steering on-power at corner exit

Center Differential -

  • Thinner = Front wheels unload more during acceleration and easier to drive on rough tracks
  • Thicker = Better acceleration, reduces front tire ballooning and better for high-bite, smooth tracks

Rear Differential -

  • Thinner = Increases cornering traction and steering into the corners
  • Thicker = Decreases rear traction while cornering and reduces wheel spin

This Ultimate Racing RC Differential Oil Features:

  • Made from high quality 100% pure silicone oil
  • Laboratory tested and certified for correct cps accuracy
  • Specially formulated not too thin out in hot weather or thicken up in cold weather
  • Contains anti-friction additives to help ensure you get the longest life possible from your differential components

Includes:  1 - 2 ounce bottle of differential oil.

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